Feelings when I discovered a great Journal about Finance Perspectives

In academia, there are tons of Journals and Conferences and it’s not easy to find out which ones are worth it or are aligned to your research. Indeed web search is far from helpful to know the specifics of each one. That’s why I want to point out one that help me in my research in the field of Finance about tokenization in funding: Journal of Business Accounting and Finance Perspectives.

As a PhD student, I think is impossible not feel amazed by the information, the speed of new papers and hot topics. There is no solution for this. Indeed it’s part of the process (also part of daily life nowadays), but there are two mitigation strategies:

  • The experience of your tutor giving focus and filter about Journals and Conferences
  • Stopping when you feel overwhelmed and continue searching another day only if necessary

I don’t think this post could help more people than one, me; but even so, it’s a good reason specially because remind me that I have a blog.