Tecnology and economy articles for Westinghouse magazine


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Westinghouse was an interactive digital magazine, it was a part of Mediazines kiok, made by La Communitat and supported by Marc Vidal. Sadly the proyect had only six editions, I wrote the articles for the section “The Conference”, talking about technology and economy lead by a conference. The magazine is not available so I published the articles here. The conferences are in english but the articles are in spanish:

  1. El arte de empezar
  2. Y tu nevera te avisará cuando caducan los yogures
  3. The next big (internet of) things
  4. Steve Blank y Lean Startup, el método de emprendimiento basado en evidencias
  5. Sí, te están quitando el trabajo
  6. La teoría del todo o como juntar apps, cloud, weareables, smart tv, IoT…